At-home spa treatment made simple

At-home spa treatment made simple

By: bmbAdmin | 31 Mar 2011

Everyone loves the relaxed, glowing feeling after a facial or spa treatment – until you have to step to the counter and pay for it. So many seek to recreate the spa facial experience at home but ultimately discover it’s a lot of work to relax.

Recreating a spa facial treatment at home can be challenging.

Those who attempt to save the big bucks it costs to get facial and spa treatments soon discover that duplicating the effect in their home can be time consuming, messy, and well, not so relaxing. Sure, a search online will reveal dozens, well, hundreds of step-by-step instructions for replicating the spa experience, but most require shopping, planning, and work to prepare. Most will instruct you to wash your face and either gently scrub or exfoliate your skin – which is always good advice. But then they’ll outline various recipes for mixing up your own spa facial formula, from honey, or fruits, or by mixing lotions and creams. They’ll have you mashing, blending, or mixing things, which will either require significant prep time or will interrupt your relaxation. Few will enjoy the soothing sound of a blender whirring in their bathroom – it just doesn’t recreate the spa atmosphere, does it? Oh yeah, and then there’s the clean up.

There must be an easier way to enjoy an at-home spa facial treatment

Fortunately, there is a simpler way to mimic the spa in your own home, without the mess, without the work, and without the clean up. Pre-made, pre-packaged bio cellulose masks are a convenient, simple way of replicating a 20 minute facial. And the steps are far easier than anything I’ve discovered online – and you don’t need your blender, unless you’re in the mood for a margarita. Step one, wash your face. Step two, open the foil pack, and put the mask on. Step three, relax. Yup, that’s it. No mixing, no fuss, no delay in your spa experience.
Full face, bio cellulose sheet masks, are soothing, and infused with special ingredients that are delivered deep into the skin. So just like the lotions and creams that your facialist would gently massage into your pores – a bio cellulose mask clings tightly to your face pushing its moisture and key ingredients into your face. It’s an at-home spa facial experience without the work and without the high price tag. And you can relax however you’d like. You can lie on the couch and watch television, lounge in the tub, listen to music, or you can even move around. The masks are gentle but secure against your face, so if your idea of at home relaxation is wearing a mask while you cook or vacuum then bio cellulose masks will let you do it. It’s not my idea of a spa day, but to each their own.

How I do my home spa treatment

I’m a simple girl, and I like to pamper myself. So I do take a few minutes to prepare. And my husband knows that Friday nights is my unwind time, so he’ll usually help me. He says it’s because he loves me, but I know it’s really because he enjoys watching the SyFy channel. So here’s my home spa technique. First, I turn on some music, we have a little iPod radio, so I pick what ever I’m in the mood for. I’ll sometimes run the shower on hot for a few minutes to get our bathroom steamy and warm, but normally I simply fill the tub, dropping in a few bath salts or some bubble bath. While the tub is filling I wash my face with just a cleanser. Then I open my Bel Mondo mask and put it on. When my husband hears the tub faucet turn off, he knows that’s his cue to bring me a glass of wine as I get in the tub. And he’ll light the scented candles if I haven’t done it already. He’ll turn off our big overhead light and I’ll relax and soak while wearing my mask until the water starts to cool. Usually around 10-12 minutes. If it’s been a rough week, I’ll refill the tub with hot water and soak a bit longer. When I’m done, I pull the plug on the tub, take a quick rinse in the shower, and then step out and put on my robe. Yup, while I’m still wearing my mask, I’ll do a quick all over body moisturizing. Then I slip into my jammies and jump into bed and grab the remote from my husband – there’s no SyFy channel at my spa.
Of course, you don’t have do the whole routine to recreate the at-home spa treatment. And I don’t always go to such lengths. Often, I’ll just put on a mask prior to a big evening or when I need a quick dose of relaxation.  The important thing to me is that I’m not mixing or mashing or blending anything. I simply put on the mask and relax. So the next time you’re looking to create the at-home spa atmosphere, my suggestion, leave the blender in the kitchen, and skip to relaxing with a bio cellulose facial mask.

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