Are your cosmetics and skin care products safe?

Are your cosmetics and skin care products safe?

By: bmbAdmin | 19 Jun 2013

From hair care to skin care and all types of beauty products (such as cosmetics) if you’ve ever tried to read the ingredients, you’re probably left scratching your head. It seems like you need a PHd in chemistry to begin to understand what you’re actually using.

Fortunately, today products are safer then ever before. The FDA requires more vigorous testing and the FTC takes a dimmer view on outrageous claims made by beauty companies. And successful brands try to minimize the use of controversial ingredients – after all, with social media it’s much easier for a disgruntled or alarmed customer to create a fire storm. But that doesn’t mean everything is harmless.

New ingredients appear every day

There’s a ton of money being poured into beauty product research. There’s a race to find the next big thing ingredient. Peptides, retinoids, rare botanicals – the quest is never ending. However, while many of these are “ok”, most are so new that their long-term effects are unknown.

The internet to the rescue

Searching online for scientific and definitive answers on cosmetic ingredients can be a dubious undertaking. It’s a great way to educate yourself, but unfortunately, you’ll find conflicting information and you still might need a PHd in chemistry to understand most of the research reports. So what can you do?

Fortunately there are excellent sources where you can turn – sources that try to cut through the alarmist hype and whose experts have distilled the research reports down into the simplest facts. Here are a few:

Web MD provides helpful advice:

Paula Begoun aka the Cosmetic Cop:

Cosmetic ingredient review:

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