Are you expecting too much from your moisturizer?

By: bmbAdmin | 5 Nov 2016

Moisturizing your skin is important. But are you expecting your moisturizer to do too much?

A moisturizer is just one part of a healthy skin care regimen

Of course a good moisturizer can go a long way toward keeping your skin soft and healthy. But each step of your skin care routine should be carefully considered. After all, there is a whole skin care world beyond moisturizers.

First, get your skin clean

Before you can do any moisturizing, you must start with clean skin. Select a gentle cleanser based on your skin type and any skin issues you may have.

Your moisturizer can do double-duty if it contains sunscreen

Of course, you know you need to apply sunscreen every day. So if you are able to find a good moisturizer that also contains a sunscreen, then you may be able to skip a step in your morning routine. Just remember that you’ll want a different moisturizer for night – you don’t want to sleep in your sunscreen.

What about anti-aging?

There are some good moisturizers that also contain anti-aging ingredients – and of course, keeping skin hydrated and moisturized are important to keep skin looking younger. But you may need a serum or another product if you are looking for specific anti-aging benefits.

Exfoliation helps your moisturizer work better

If you’ve ever noticed that your moisturizer isn’t working the way it should, it may be because your pores are clogged with oils and/or dead skin cells. This is where a good, gentle exfoliant comes in. Exfoliate at least once per week to remove the impurities in and on your skin, and you will see an improvement in the effectiveness of your moisturizer.

Eye cream is a must

Most moisturizers aren’t appropriate for both the face and the delicate eye area. Because the eye area is drier and more delicate and sensitive, you need a separate moisturizing cream or serum for under and around the eyes.


Daily moisturizer is good, but a more intense treatment may be needed after a chemical peel, to soothe a sunburn, or even during the drier winter months. That’s when a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Facial Sheet Mask fits into your skin care regimen.

Ultra-Hydrating, Calming, Anti-Aging, Brightening – and even a mask developed for the delicate eye area: Bel Mondo masks can help give your skin care routine a boost.

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