Are Extractions Important For A Good Facial?

Are Extractions Important For A Good Facial?

By: bmbAdmin | 23 Oct 2012

At Bel Mondo we fully endorse luxuriating at home with a “20 minute facial” – using one of our bio cellulose facial masks of course. However, some have expressed concern about the common problem of blackheads that sometimes plague your skin. Typically, spa facials include some type of extraction of blackheads or clogged pores. So what should you do at home?

Experts will often advise against “self-extraction”

The problem with clearing clogged pores and blackheads at home is two fold. One, it’s difficult to locate and extract blemishes while looking in a mirror. And two, the process is usually subpar – consisting of simply squeezing with your fingers. But manually squeezing clogged pores exerts too much pressure and can bruise the skin making it red and swollen which can lead to more inflammation. And using your fingers can deposit more impurities, bacteria, and sebum. It’s why professionals use special tools to preform extractions.

It is possible to perform self-extractions at home

Nowadays you can now buy extraction tools at Sephora and else where. There are even options that use light and gentle heat to help eradicate the underlying bacteria inside the pores. So extraction can become part of your home spa facial if you desire it. But…you should use caution and not over do it. And we’d recommend that a skilled aesthetician or dermatologist perform the extraction of pesky clogged pores. Or you can subscribe to the school of thought that says leaving them alone is best – and that by improving your skin care routine you can improve the overall health of your skin – and we’re proponents of this idea too. A bio cellulose mask a week will go a long way to improving the look of your skin and complexion.

But what exactly is an extraction?

Our pores can become clogged with impurities. These impurities may consist of dirt, excess oil, sebum, or dead skin. If you were to look at your skin really close you’d most likely see small dark dots on it (no matter how good your skin care) – those are blackheads (clogged pores) which are a very common skin problem.

An extraction is when a skilled aesthetician or dermatologist uses a small metal tool with a hole on the end to gently push down on the skin to encourage the pore to release the plug of dirt that was clogging it. This is usually done after the skin has been cleansed and treated with steam to help loosen and open the pores. The tool prevents pinching or squeezing the skin which can irritate the skin and make the situation worse.

To extract or not to extract

As we mentions, there are two schools of thought on this. First, some professionals feel that when pores are clogged for a long period of time, the skin and pore can stretch leading to permanently enlarged pores. So extraction helps to minimize the size of pores and keeps skin looking healthier. Further, by removing the dirt from your pores you obtain an immediate visible result, albeit a temporary one, that may give your facial skin a healthier look.

The second option suggests it’s healthier to leave the clogged pores alone and work with your skin over time using various treatments to encourage it to expel the blocked pores on its own. Even though in the short term extractions provide immediate results, experts caution that pulling and pressing on pores weakens them, damaging the skin’s strength and elasticity. Instead they recommend a more holistic approach to caring for your skin’s health to prevent blackheads in the first place.

So should I clear my clogged pores?

Unfortunately that’s a difficult question to answer. It’s one best directed to your aesthetician or dermatologist who can provide guidance and advice. Since everyone’s skin is different it’s best to first evaluate the cause of your clogged pores. Start simply and after consulting with a professional who will advise how best to take better care of your skin – it might even entail changing your eating habits. After you’ve received guidance, and procured the necessary extraction tools, it’s acceptable to self-extract when you’re doing a little at home pampering or heading out for a big evening. But hopefully, with regular at home spa facials (that feature Bel Mondo Beauty Masks) you won’t need to extract clogged pores and blackheads – since your skin will look and feel better and you’ll have a more glowing complexion every day.

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