ABC’s The Chew had skin expert Susan Ciminelli on to talk about Do-It-Yourself Facial Masks

By: bmbAdmin | 4 Feb 2012

After watching ABC’s The Chew segment where Susan Ciminelli gave tips on homemade facial masks you could mix up right from your kitchen. Clinton Kelly smeared pineapple on Michael Symon, Carla Hall spread Avocado and lemon on Mario Batali and when a piece fell off since it was all natural she picked a piece up and ate it. Pretty gross to me but hey to each their own. It all looked like good fun, so easy and it must be cheaper then buying these premium facial masks on the market today. I was inspired to go out and try a few facial masks myself. Watch the video below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

I start my DIY facial mask with a trip to the supermarket.

After getting to the store I started to realize that this wasn’t as simple as I thought. Really, a whole can of pineapple for my face? And do I get a whole pumpkin or a can? And if my store doesn’t have canned pumpkin is pumpkin pie filling an ok substitute? And then Bee-Pollen – where do I find that? Maybe I should have gone to Whole Foods? Or I guess a trip to the local natural foods store would have been better? Nevertheless I pressed on and swung by a local health food store to pick up my bee-pollen and flax seed on the way home. I spent around $30.00 when all was said and done. Still I guess that’s less expensive then buying a box of premium facial masks….right?

But a boxed, pre-dosed mask is certainly easier

Buying fruit and stuff is probably cheaper yes, but my favorite Bel Mondo Beauty Bio-Cellulose masks are definitely looking a lot simpler to use. It comes to my door. I take them out. I apply them. I RELAX.

Now it’s time to chop, mix, and use…then I guess clean up

But I’m committed now so I decide to try each mask one day at a time. I pull out my blender and my food processor and begin making the “masks”. I end up with so much “mask” I realize quickly that I doubt I’ll be able to use all this before it goes bad. I use each one for 3 days. My experience was less that satisfactory. I felt sticky and messy. Sure, my masked smelled tasty – but it wasn’t completely refreshing.

I was sticky. I had to sit still or I’d drip. It was a messy experience…not all that relaxing. After wiping off the concoctions…my skin did feel nicer. But then I realized I still had to clean up the kitchen. And I have so much leftover “mask” it was starting to clog my refrigerator. How long can I keep and use this stuff? This isn’t really a spa experience.

Then I determined…I needed a shower or I’d be sticky forever. Again I started to long for my Bel Mondo Masks. No shopping, chopping, or cleaning necessary.

I think I’m sticking with Bel Mondo Masks instead of being sticky

For me, I’m sticking with my Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks. Bio cellulose material is all natural and it’s cultured in a lab. So it’s comparable with natural foods mixed up in my kitchen. But better yet, it contains ingredients designed to improve both your skin health and appearance. But the clincher for me is the convenient packets and ease of use. I can tear open and apply a mask in 20 seconds – and there’s no messy clean up or shower needed afterwards.

It’s bio cellulose for me….

The bio-cellulose material is so easy to use and works wonders. It feels cool and refreshing and I don’t have to wonder if I should be using prunes or lemons. I don’t have to make sure I use up a ton of fruit mixtures before they go bad. Sure, I may pay a little more for this, but I think the science and experience Bel Mondo Masks offer is well worth it. And I’m just not really sure if going to the grocery store and trying random fruits on my face is for me. Not when I’m trying to create an at-home spa experience. I want to turn on some music, have a glass of wine, and relax as quickly as possible.

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