A snail facial? Really?

A snail facial? Really?

By: bmbAdmin | 24 Jul 2013

Snail facial: Japan’s latest beauty craze. Photo: AFP

The latest beauty and spa facial trend in Tokyo, Japan is a 60-minute treatment called the Celebrity Escargot Course. It’s costs about $270. During the treatment, five organically-bred and fed snails are placed on your face. The mucus the snails secrete to move apparently has been found to contain beauty-boosting proteins.

Hey, it’s not the most unusual thing found in Asian beauty treatments. Not knowing anything about snail slime or it’s likely skin benefits – we’ll simply let you formulate your own opinion.

Might we suggest an option – Bel Mondo Masks

Our 100% bio cellulose beauty masks offer super hydration and infuse your skin with proven (non snail mucous) ingredients. They come in convenient foil pouches and can be applied in 30 seconds and worn for twenty minutes or more. You can do them at home, in the office, or even maybe while you drive home. And best of all, there’s no snails sliming up your face – yuck.

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