A faceoff between Bel Mondo Beauty masks versus other at home mask treatments

A faceoff between Bel Mondo Beauty masks versus other at home mask treatments

By: bmbAdmin | 6 Apr 2011

Typical at home mask treatments are mud, clay, or some liquid from a tube. But Bel Mondo masks are super moistened, full face, bio cellulose masks. In a Bel Mondo versus other masks competition, Bel Mondo wins on several levels.

Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks versus Clay Masks

Clay masks are usually intended to deep cleanse or exfoliate. The source or type of clay influences the treatment. Volcanic ash tends to gently scrub and exfoliate, white, yellow, or pink koalin clay from China exfoliates and stimulates blood flow without absorbing skin oils, montmorillonite clay is good for acne or oily skin because it aborbs oils and drys the skin while exfoliating, and similarly Moroccan red clay has astringent qualities and is good for acne but can be very drying as it exfoliates and draw out toxins. Then there are special clay mixes, such as deep sea clays that promise unique benefits because of the clay’s origins. However in all these clays, the effect is a drying, exfoliation process that then requires re-moisturizing after the clay mask is removed. And while exfoliation is good there are simpler, less messy ways to exfoliate, such as with gentle scrubs, or soft loofah sponges. And exfoliation should only be done weekly, not daily.

Bel Mondo masks work the opposite way. First, there’s no messy application or removal. You simply open the foil packet, remove the mask from the carrier base, apply to your face, and remove the backer. It’s so easy and quick you can be wearing your Bel Mondo mask in 10 seconds. Bel Mondo masks do not currently offer exfoliation, but instead, they infuse your skin with anti-aging or lightening ingredients and super hydrate your skin. Bel Mondo masks replace the second half of a clay mask treatment but do it more effectively than simply applying moisturizer after you’ve exfoliated. Bel Mondo facial masks apply tightly to the face and cool and soothe your face while the key ingredients penetrate deeply.

The conclusion, if your sole goal is exfoliation, then a clay mask may be the right choice, however if you’re like most, and you’re using a clay mask as part of a remove and restore facial treatment, then we’ll suggest a gentle scrub cleanser or exfoliant followed by a relaxing, soothing Bel Mondo mask. The process will be simpler and the benefits better.

Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks versus Mud Masks

Mud masks generally start with purified or refined mud bases, either dried and mixed with water, or from a tub or jar. They’re not generally intended for exfoliation, but rather are meant to enrich the skin with the minerals or salts found in the mud. The mud’s effect can be influenced by its origins. For example, Dead Sea muds are high in magnesium, calcium chloride, potassium and salts which are said to offer unique benefits. Though a mud mask can be more of a generic term too. A mud mask can simply reference the consistency of the mask as it’s applied. Ingredients and recipes for mud masks can varying greatly and some don’t include mud at all. You can purchase herbal infused mud masks or tea-based mud masks. Or mix up your own from your cupboard with eggs, honey, gelatin, or more. In all the mud masks, the intent is to nourish and soothe the skin.

Bel Mondo masks eliminate the mixing and messy mud. Again, Bel Mondo facial masks apply quickly and start infusing your skin with anti-aging or lightening ingredients as soon as they’re applied. The nourishment and hydration are unrivaled and the entire process is relaxing and virtually clean-up free.

The conclusion, Bel Mondo masks are the clear winner versus mud masks. With no mess and no stress a Bel Mondo mask offers a better mask experience. You won’t find a mask substance that holds more moisture than bio cellulose so the Bel Mondo mask hydrates and nourishes your skin better.  And because the Bel Mondo mask conforms and seals to your face snuggly the key ingredients are absorbed into your skin while you relax and enjoy a little mask pampering. So in the choice between a mud mask and a Bel Mondo mask, Bel Mondo masks leave mud masks in the dust.

Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks versus Liquid Masks

Liquid masks come in all types, so categorizing them and comparing them is tricky. A liquid mask from a tube or jar can exfoliate, nourish, moisturize or promise a myriad of potential results. Most liquid masks either apply wet and stay wet or they apply wet and dry and must be peeled or washed off. Wet masks that remain wet generally promise nourishment, moisturizing, and include herbs or special ingredients to enhance the treatment. Liquid masks that apply wet that then dry and are peeled or washed off usually offer detoxifying, peeling, or exfoliation effects. And liquid masks that dry are normally part of a two part process, where after removing the dried mask you then move on to applying a moisturizer.

Bel Mondo masks apply in seconds and get to work instantly. No peeling or washing is necessary to remove a Bel Mondo mask – in fact, you can take it off and reapply if you need too, such as, if there’s a knock at your front door. You’re not able to do this with a liquid mask whether it’s dried or not.  And of course Bel Mondo bio cellulose masks offer unparalleled hydration and ingredient transfer in only one step.

In conclusion, the Bel Mondo mask wins versus liquid masks. If hydration and moisturizing is the goal you can’t beat the Bel Mondo bio cellulose mask’s effect and there’s no two step process. You simply open the Bel Mondo mask and apply and relax. No liquid mask application then removal or clean-up necessary. 

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